Activity 01Concert


Date and time

15 February 2020, Saturday 20:00


The first concert will be played by the musicians on August 25 at the Singing Field, as part of the public presentation of the new album “MILYARDY”.

The popular Ukrainian band, BEZ OBMEZEN, played around 130 concerts in Ukraine from 2018 to August 2019, and will soon embark on its largest tour of MILYARDY. The new tour is scheduled for 150 performances, including stadium concerts. Also, new songs will be heard in the US and Canada. Such a record number of concerts entitles BEZ OBMEZEN to be called the most touring band in the country.

The biggest program in the history of the band will be waiting for the fans, accompanied by a bright show, which, in addition to new songs, will also feature the best hits from all the previous records of BO.

According to the musicians, the album will have a new sound and character, but the deep and lyrical lyrics will remain unchanged. The songs from the new album "Zori Zapalali", "MILYARDY" - are already well known to listeners and have become super hits. The official release of the plat on all streaming services will take place in August.