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Wagner. Twilight of Gods

Date and time

09 August 2020, Sunday 17:00

WARNING !!! Concert program was CHANGED !!!
Instead of the concert "Twilight of the Gods" there will be a concert "Romantic organs of music".
We apologize for the inconvenience!

This music will entice you into a whirlpool of emotions and a rich experience. The amplitude of states will fluctuate between drama and lyrical tranquility, tragedy and solemn triumph, heroism and tender feelings. Bring out the rich variety of your feelings with the help of the organist Nadiya Velychko, as she demonstrates the full potential of the majestic organ.
Nadiya Velychko ― organ
R. Wagner - Prayer from the opera "Rienzi"
R. Wagner - Overture to the 3rd act of the opera "The Mastersingers of Nuremberg”
A. Bruckner - Four Preludes
J. Brahms - Selected Choral Preludes
R. Wagner - Dreams
Isolde's death scene from the opera "Tristan and Isolde"
O. Respighi - Chorale Prelude
R. Wagner - Introduction to the 3rd act of the opera "Lohengrin"

Duration: about an hour
Please note that due to the quarantine rules, the number of tickets is limited. Please use masks!
About quarantine restrictions and more:
Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers # 392 of May 20, 2020 (as amended on July 8, 2020) - on reliefs in the field of culture
Protocol # 30 of the Regional Commission for Emergency Situations - "Activities of cultural institutions with a capacity of more than 50% of stationary seats and / or more than one person per 5 sq.m."
Tickets can be purchased:
- at the box office of the Organ Hall every day from 13:00 to 19:00
- online on Gastroli.ua - https://gastroli.ua/places/235
- in more than 20 cash desks in Lviv - https://gastroli.ua/network
// age restrictions: ~ 7 + //

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