Органний концерт Олени Мацелюх
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Wagner and friends. Organ

Date and time

18 November 2018, Sunday 19:00

Meet the cold autumn evening in the warm company: Bach, Wagner, Liszt... Organist Olena Matselyukh will revive them for us at her Sunday solo concert. And the conductor in the world of a modern organ will be Bogdan Kotyuk with Sanctus and Adagietto.

Olena Matselyukh - organ

R. Wagner - Song by Stern from the "Flying Dutchman"
R. Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries
F. Liszt - Prelude and Fugue on "B-A-S-N"
F. Liszt - Choral variations "Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen"
F. Liszt - Ave Maria
J. S. Bach - Choral Prelude, Fantasia and Fugue g-moll
B. Kotyuk - Sanctus
B. Kotyuk - Adagietto

Tickets are available:
- in the box office of Organ Hall
- online at -
- in over 20 box offices around Lviv -

(age restriction: 7+)
For additional info call: 098 871 0180

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