Toccatas and Carillons. Organ
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Toccatas and Carillons. Organ

Date and time

15 April 2018, Sunday 19:00

Organ is an amazing instrument. Thanks to special registers it can play almost any sound - from sounds of the rain to car clocks. Lviv organ is perfectly capable to simulate bells. At the unique concert of Nadiya Velychko you will hear wonderful toccatas by Frescobaldi, Weckmann, Pachelbel and Bach. And also all sorts of bells - from the little bells of Giorgio Morandi to the powerful Westminster bells of Louis Vierne. Composers loved these sounds so much that they even invented a separate genre of organ music, called the carillon (french "jingle bells"). Discover for yourself the superpower of the organ at Nadiya Velychko's concert!

D. Frescobaldi - Toccata in G dur
M. Weckmann - Toccata e moll
J. Pachelbel - Toccata g moll
J.S. Bach - Toccata and Adagio from the cycle of Toccata, Adagio and Fugue C dur
G. Morandi - Rondò con imitazione de campanelli
J. Callaerts - Toccata e moll
L. Vierne - Carillon
L. Sowerby - Carillon
H. Mulet - Toccata (Tu est Petrus)
L. Vierne - Carillon of Westminster

Duration: over an hour.

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