Органні концерти Олени Мацелюх
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Organ Toccatas

Date and time

19 January 2020, Sunday 19:00

Want to get all your affairs in order? Is the rhythm of our lives crazy and does it often need more structure? Toccata is an example of dynamic movement that fits perfectly into shape. Clear rhythmic patterns that pulse in unison with your breathing. These incredible, spectacular, masterly pieces will capture your attention and your heart. The unsurpassed Olena Matselyukh prepared the best organ toccatas especially for you.
Olena Matselyukh - organ

G. Young - Toccata in the classical style
J. Podbielsky - "Toccata Preambulum"
J. Frescobaldi - Toccata and Canzone in d
W. Byrd - Toccata "Bells"
J. Pachelbel - "Toccata ostinato”
A. Mayi - Toccata "Christmas Bells"
T. Dubois - Toccata
L. Boellmann - Toccata from "Gothic Suite"
Gr. Macchia - Toccata "Bells of the  Bethlehem"
J.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in d-moll

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