The Doors
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The Doors

Date and time

25 September 2019, Wednesday 19:00

Doors. It's the first thing we see when we walk into a new place. Old or new. Low or high. Dark or light. Locked or open.
Would you like to knock on doors that are neither comfortable nor new? Probably not. What about the renewed and beautiful gate?
The organ hall has changed a lot in the last two years. Only the old gate remained unchanged. Its appearance is deceptive! Behind it is a modern, comfortable and friendly space where art lives! Let's help our beloved Organ Hall get a new face!
There will be a great reception at the Organ Hall. There will be music in every corner on that evening and not just on the stage. The best musicians of Lviv will play for you. We will discover all the secrets of the Organ Hall! We will give you a tour inside and show you how the organ works, open murals by Jan Henryk de Rosen, which were saved by restorers after half a century of oblivion.
Open the doors to music!
By buying a ticket, you help us in restoring the entrance gate to the Lviv Organ Hall.
Andriy Ulichny - violin
Lilia Kostruba - soprano
Nataliya Stepanyak - soprano
Nadiya Velychko - organ
Olena Matelyukh - organ
Svitlana Pozdnysheva - harpsichord

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