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Date and time

22 January 2020, Wednesday 19:00

Kateryna Poteriaieva – violin (Ukraine)
Yevhenii Kruk – violin (Ukraine)
Roman Yusypey – bayan (Ukraine – Germany)
“INSO-Lviv” Symphony Orchestra
Raymond Janssen – conductor (the Netherlands)

«Barrio de Pallermo» Tango School
Volodymyr Beglov, responsible for filling all awkward pauses

Tango is the bridge between a dream and reality! This music is all about us and our lives: love, pain, separation, illusion, reality, happiness, independence! The orchestra of young professionals with passionate hearts will sway you in a real whirl of emotions.
Music by the great Astor Piazzola is one of the most vivid artistic expressions in the world. The well-known pieces «Libertango, «Le Grand Tango», «Bandoneón Sinfónico», «La Historia del Tango» were played in the most prestigious concert halls worldwide, were recorded with the most renowned ensembles at the best recording labels and became inspiration for many film soundtracks.

It is time for you to live through this music.

Photo and video

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