Органні концерти Надії Величко
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Music of Strauss

Date and time

01 March 2020, Sunday 14:00

Strauss Music
Happiness music. Holiday music. Mood music. When listening to Strauss, you automatically find yourself in a magnificent hall where beautifully and expensively dressed ladies and gentlemen are dancing in a refined manner. After all, this sort of music is for a sophisticated society. It's a charming atmosphere of a ball and it's also your Christmas mood. Being the music of lightness and light-heartedness, it helps one forget about current problems since it's designed for rest and leisure. Make an unforgettable gift to yourself and your loved ones — spend a January evening with the music of Strauss.
Nadiya Velychko – organ
J. Strauss:
Six waltzes
Polka Souvenir
Trick Track Polka
Radetsky March
Revolutionary march

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