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Ukrainian Live. Yakiv Stepovyi

Date and time

20 December 2019, Friday 19:00

Yakiv Stepovyi. Ukrainian Live
Ukrainian Live keeps presenting unknown music of Ukrainian composers to the audience. And now is the turn of the piano legacy of Yakiv Stepovyi, which was kindly provided by the world-baritone Pavlo Hunka from his own archives in Britain and performed by our pianist Dmytro Mykytyn. 
We will show you sincere, warm and lyrical music that is extremely pleasant to listen to. It touches the deepest strings of the soul. Through these exquisite sounds we can hear the composer expressing his thoughts and emotions. Transparent and light melodies will touch your hearts.
The concert will take place in the cozy, romantic atmosphere in the half-light, where everyone can enjoy a beautiful prelude, lullabies, sonatas and fantasies, as well as other works by Yakiv Stepovyi.
Dmytro Mykytyn — piano
Yakiv Stepovyi:
Elegy or.5 a-moll
Impromptu or.7 g-moll
Lullaby or.7 gis-moll
Prelude or.7 a-moll
Remembering or.7 F-Dur
Prelude or.9 b-moll
Song without words or.9 g-moll
Prelude or. 11 a-moll
Prelude or.13 a-moll
Prelude or.14 A-Dur
Song or.14 a-moll
Prelude e-moll
Dream g-moll
Prelude e-moll
Prelude c-moll
Scherzo G-Dur
Prelude d-moll
Rondo G-Dur
Fantasia e-moll
Sonata D-Dur

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