В. Сильвестров - “Тихі пісні”
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Silent songs

Date and time

24 August 2020, Monday 17:00

"What I do can be called poetry in music"
Valentyn Sylvestrov

Valentyn Sylvestrov's vocal cycle "Silent Songs" was written for piano and voice on poems by classical poets. The cycle consists of 24 songs that reveal the deep love of the composer to Ukrainian and Russian poetry, to the beauty embodied in it of feelings and glorified nature.
The author himself said that the main character of the cycle is "poetry of the heart". In "Silent Songs", the deepest, most cherished thoughts are embodied. In all the works of the cycle there is a harmonious unity of poetry and music.
It is music for self-observation, self-immolation and staying alone with yourself.

Lilia Nykytchuk - soprano
Olena Markevych - piano

V. Sylvestrov - “Silent songs”

Duration: about an hour
Please note that due to the quarantine rules, the number of tickets is limited. Please use masks!
About quarantine restrictions and more:
Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers # 392 of May 20, 2020 (as amended on July 8, 2020) - on reliefs in the field of culture
Protocol # 30 of the Regional Commission for Emergency Situations - "Activities of cultural institutions with a capacity of more than 50% of stationary seats and / or more than one person per 5 sq.m."
Tickets can be purchased:
- at the box office of the Organ Hall every day from 13:00 to 19:00
- online on Gastroli.ua - https://gastroli.ua/places/235
- in more than 20 cash desks in Lviv - https://gastroli.ua/network
// age restrictions: ~ 7 + //

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