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Виставка "Синатропи"

Date and time

03 August 2020, Monday 13:00

Synanthrope (species, organism) is a species capable of forming viable populations in the urban environment, a species that has found particularly favorable conditions for life in an artificial, semi-natural and altered world.

The exhibition explores the most common synanthropes — pigeons and their ability to carry harmonious forms and lines, their invisibility, transparency, ephemerality of the life of pigeons (and at the same time — humans), intertwining of wings and feathers of pigeons, whose development, life and death occurs in courtyards of houses on urban squares, roofs, crevices, roofs, abandoned balconies.

Large coal drawings which are the result of the artist's observations of a pigeon flock living in her yard. Each image is a portrait of a particular pigeon, a fixation of the moment of life of beings who live side by side with us while remaining unnoticed and invisible, “transparent” to us. The artist created watercolor images of pigeons, which she then placed in her district in places where pigeons live, thus delineating the territory that is unseen and invisible to people, using the drawings to mark the habitat of the pigeon flock, which is being observed by the artist.

Oksana Sadovenkowas born in Kyiv in 1988. In 2012 she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Pigeons are an important topic for the artist's work, and this exhibition is the result of studying one pigeon flock.

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The exhibition will be open from August 2 till August 31 every day from 1 P.M. till 7 P.M.

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About quarantine restrictions and more:
Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers # 392 of May 20, 2020 (as amended on July 8, 2020) - on reliefs in the field of culture
Protocol # 30 of the Regional Commission for Emergency Situations - "Activities of cultural institutions with a capacity of more than 50% of stationary seats and / or more than one person per 5 sq.m."

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