Слово і голос
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Date and time

15 February 2020, Saturday 19:00

ROZKOLYADA is an annual art project as well as a new art form, which puts forth traditional Ukrainian holidays: Christmas, Epiphany and Candlemas. The main hero of the holiday is the word of Christmas, Epiphany and Candlemas sticherons, kontakions and troparions. "These are the sacred texts that live within us — in the moment, here and now, igniting the awareness of the Newborn Word", says Nataliya Polovynka, artistic director of the project. "ROZKOLYADA re-gathers, renews, heals and carries on the Candlemas as the essence of Christmas as well as its spiritual message."
Nataliya Polovynka and Word and Voice:
Solomiya Kyrylova,
Mariya Kmit,
Shakima Garunts
Word and Voice Theater Center  as the host of the project.
Artistic director — Nataliya Polovynka.

Photo and video

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