Органні концерти Надії Величко
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Romantic organ music

Date and time

17 October 2019, Thursday 19:00

This music will entice you into a whirlpool of emotions and a rich experience. The amplitude of states will fluctuate between drama and lyrical tranquility, tragedy and solemn triumph, heroism and tender feelings. Bring out the rich variety of your feelings with the help of the organist Nadiya Velychko, as she demonstrates the full potential of the majestic organ.
Nadiya Velychko ― organ
R. Schumann - Sketches, Op.58
R. Schumann - Etudes, op.56
C. Franck - Prelude, Fugue and Variation
F. Mendelssohn - Serious variations
Ch.M. Widor - Toccata from Symphony No. 5.
Duration: over an hour
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