Swoop Against the Flow
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Swoop Against the Flow

Date and time

21 September 2018, Friday 21:00

In the darkness, hearing rises and another vision opens. Inner sight will show you a world where every sound is accompanied by images and feelings. The voices of actors, the sounds of the organ and ... silence will present incredible emotions.“New Acropolis” author's project during the 25th Book Forum introduces the new book by philosopher Jorge Angel Livraga.
"Swoop Against the Flow" Performance is the third creative project of the New Acropolis. Before that, there were "Getting Out of the Dark", "Going Between the Dead". The highlight of this performance will be the premiere of the specially created organ music by the Lviv composer Sergiy Gavryluk."Swim Against the Flow" is more than a literary name. This is an impetus for reflection on the importance of each person, and a method of improving the surrounding world and its internal.

The authors of the script are Olena Lukina, Andriy Ukrainets
Music - Sergiy Havrylyuk

Tickets are available:
- at the Museum of Religious History one hour before the concert
- online at Gastroli.ua- https://gastroli.ua/
- in over 20 box offices around Lviv - https://gastroli.ua/network

(age restriction: 7+)