Органні концерти Надії Величко
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Popular organ music

Date and time

28 February 2020, Friday 19:00

Partner of the concert

Selected organ music and breathtaking video show! All this at a concert on February 28 at Lviv Organ Hall.

We hear popular music every day on the radio, TV or our players. But are we familiar with popular organ music? We are convinced that you will recognize the familiar themes. And if not, these sounds will stay in your head for a long time, playing on repeat all day long. Get acquainted with this "king of instruments" and get familiar with its unique features. It will enchant you with its magical power, superb sound and leave a strong mark. Throughout the concert, Nadiya Velychko will perform famous pieces written for the organ, which became world known, familiar to all and are best suited for representing our "musical monster". And unique visual accompaniment will be created by Eugene Chervony.

Nadiya Velychko - organ
Eugene Chervony - videoshow

L. Vierne - Westminster Bells
J.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in d-moll
J.S. Bach / A. Vivaldi  Concerto d-moll, 3,4, parts
J.S. Bach - Adagio a moll
L.C. Daken - "Cuckoo", "Noel"
J.S. Kerll - Battaglia
C. Franck - Pièce Héroïque
A. Piazzolla - "Libertango"
H.A. Stamm - Rondo alla celtica

Tickets are available:
- in the box office of Organ Hall
- online at -
- in over 20 box offices around Lviv -

(age restriction: 7+)
For additional info call: 098 871 0180

Photo and video

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