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Фортепіанна релакс-музика

Date and time

12 August 2018, Sunday 19:00

Relax concert for your soul from pianist Dmytro Mykytyn.
In the meantime, in the face of a variety of issues and concerns, we often forget that we need rest and recovery. We invite you to hear the music that immerses in the atmosphere of calm, positive mood and light thoughts.A young Lviv pianist Dmytro Mykytyn will perform works by Japanese, Hungarian and Ukrainian composers who will take you to another world for an hour. In the first half of the concert we shall enjoy piano pieces by the brilliant self-taught composer Takashi  Yoshimatsu, transcription of his “Two small pieces for Guitar”. “Consolations”, a piano cycle written by Franz Liszt will suite into the program as an intermezzo and will charmingly show the most delicate nuances of human soul. The final part is devoted exclusively to Ukrainian music. In particular, a piece written by the performer himself.

Dmytro Mykytyn - piano
Takashi Yoshimatsu - Piano Folio
Takashi Yoshimatsu - Little Crystal Romance Op. 85 No 2
Takashi Yoshimatsu - Waltz in Obtuse Angle Op. 85 No 3
Takashi Yoshimatsu - Romance on a Parabola Op. 85 No 5
Takashi Yoshimatsu - Arabesque in Dream Op. 85 No 6
Takashi Yoshimatsu - Two Little Pieces for Guitar
Ferenc Liszt - Six Consolations, S.172
Sergiy Havrylyuk - Piano Preludes
Dmytro Mykytyn - On the Other Side of the Sun

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