Peer Gynt
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Peer Gynt.Music of Scandinavia

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18 January 2020, Saturday 17:00

Peer Gynt. Music of Scandinavia
Edvard Grieg and Jean Sibelius took the treasure of their cold land — folk music —and turned it into true  diamonds of the classical music of the world.
Edvard Grieg, the founder of the Norwegian Composer School, popularizer of national music, said: "I drew from a rich treasure trove of folk songs in my homeland and tried to create national art from a still unexplored Norwegian folk soul."
The symphonic poems, suites and symphonies of Jean Sibelius raised the spirit of the Finns and aroused admiration throughout Europe. He has written more than a hundred works and grew silent as a composer, though the world had been waiting for him to continue for another 30 years.
The works of the main composers of Norway and Finland will be performed by the pianist Dmytro Mykytyn at the Organ Hall.
The young musician has already captured the hearts of Lviv citizens with extraordinary and atmospheric projects ("Music for Relaxation", "French Carnival", "Cartoons with Live Music", Nocturnes by Chopin and Field).

Dmytro Mykytyn – piano

E. Grieg — Peer Gynt, Suite No. 1, op. 46
("Morning", "Aase's Death", "Anitra's Dance", "In the Hall of the Mountain King";)
J. Sibelius - Piano Sonata, p.12
(І Allegro molto, II Andantino, III Vivacissimo)
E. Grieg — Piano Sonata, Op.7
(I Allegro moderato, II Andante molto, III Alla Menuetto, ma poco piu lento, IV Finale. Molto allegro)

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