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Peer Gynt: Scandinavian Music

Date and time

16 November 2018, Friday 19:00

Pieces of "Scandinavian Giants" will be performed by the pianist Dmytro Mykytyn in the Lviv Organ Hall. The young musician has already captured the hearts of the public by extraordinary and atmospheric projects ("Music for Relax", "French Carnival"). This time, in the Organ Hall will be the Suite No. 1 "Peer Gynt" and the Sonata for piano by Edvard Grieg, as well as the piano sonata opus 12 by Jean Sibelius.
Two of these composers are national heroes of their native countries. They got the treasure of their cold land - folk music - and limited it to real diamonds of the world classics.Edvard Grieg is the founder of the Norwegian composer's school, popularist of national music, said: "I drew from the rich treasury of folk songs of my homeland and tried to create a national art from the Norwegian folk soul that was not yet explored." The music of Henrik Ibsen's play "Peer Gynt" has become an immortal masterpiece that is also imitated by the musicians of the 21st century.Jean Sibelius is considered to be the main composer of Finland and one of the most prominent in the world. His symphonic poems, suites and symphonies raised the spirit of the Finns and caused enthusiasm throughout Europe. He wrote more than a hundred works and remained silent as a composer, although the world was waiting for him to continue for 30 years. Sibelius did not create own school, but remained the brightest composer of his land.
We invite you to a musical journey to Scandinavia together with the Organ Hall!

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November 16, Friday, 19:00
November 18, Sunday, 17:00

Dmytro Mykytyn - piano

E. Grieg - "Peer Gynt", Suite No. 1, op. 46 (Morning, Ase's Death, Anitra's Dance, In the Hall of the Mountain King)
J. Sibelius - Sonata for piano, op.1 2(I Allegro molto, II Andantino, III Vivacissimo)
E. Grieg - Sonata for piano, op.7 (I. Allegro moderato, II Andante Molto, III Alla Menuetto, I poco piu board, IV Finale, Molto allegro)

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(age restriction: 7+)
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