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Fantasy toccata for organ & VJ

Date and time

13 October 2019, Sunday 19:00

Seeing the sound… Watching how music is born… Opening your eyes and heart to new sensations…
A unique "Fantasy-Toccata for Organ and Visual" program will take place at the Organ Hall for the first time. It's a special blend of classics and film hits, works by Ukrainian composers and European "giants" performed by an organ player Anastasiya Marushko. Video installations will be created by vj Stepan Sukh during the concert. A full immersion into the world of art!
Anastasiya Marushko is an organist, pianist, concertmaster of the Odesa National Opera, organist of the Roman Catholic Cathedral. She gives concerts as an organist in Ukraine and she is also the author and host of "Mystery Organ" and "eMsemble_in barocco" projects and the Creative Director of KGroup / Kirchen Concerts.
Stepan Sukh is a Ukrainian master of jazz, who has been turning music into visuals for many years. For him, visioning is "a kind of visual meditation, a search for oneself through the combination of music and video images selected during a performance, leading to its small discoveries and revelations". For the last two years, Stepan has been actively collaborating with classical musicians, opening up new creative and technical possibilities for the perception of classical music and jazz.
Anastasiya Marushko — organ
Stepan Sukh — vj
J. Frescobaldi — Toccata Nona “Non senza fatiga si guinge al fine” / from the Toccata Book I
J. S. Bach — Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565
E. Lemare — Andantino “Moonlight & Roses”
M. Reger — Organ Suite Toccata #2 in G Minor,
op. 92
G. F. Händel — Passacaglia from Suite #7, HWV 432
M. Kolessa — Passacaglia from Suite for Piano, adaptation for the organ by A. Kotlyarevsky
C. Gounod — Dancing Nymphs and Dancing Satires from Intermediate to the "Faust" opera
S. Lyudkevych - Paraphrase of the Ukrainian Folk Song “Oh, the raven"
M. Volynskyi — Organ Fantasy in G Minor
V. Huba — "Voice of Memory", Poem #6
H. Zimmer — "No Time for Caution" music for the "Interstellar" movie; organ cover by A. Marushko
Vangelis - “Conquest of Paradise”, music for the movie of the same name; organ cover by A. Marushko
The program uses atmospheric audio effects between the works
The duration of the concert — one and a half hours

Photo and video

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