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07 March 2019, Thursday 19:00

Organ and movies are pleasure for the ears and for the eyes!
The Lviv Organ Hall invites you to dive into the world of bright colors and spectacular sounds of the organ. After the great success of the first "Organ show" we will continue to surprise viewers with new visualizations by Albert Vrubel and the cinematic music performed by the organist Nadiya Velychko.

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Nadiya Velychko - organ
Albert Vrubel - video art

D. Williams - Star Wars Theme
H. Zimmer - Pirates of the Caribbean Theme
J. Tiersen - La Valse d’Amelie
B. May - "Who wants to live forever" from “Highlander”
E. Morricone - Professional Theme
J. Barry - James Bond Theme (007 Theme)
V. Dashkevich - Sherlock Holmes Theme
J.S. Bach - Choral from "Solaris"
M. Legrand - Umbrellas Of Cherbourg Theme
N. Rota - Juliet Theme from “Romeo and Juliet”
M. Skoryk - "Melody" from “High Pass"
Y. Adamtsevych - Cossacks March from "Fire and Sword"
J. Horner  My Heart Will Go On (“Titanic”)

Tickets are available:
- in the box office of Organ Hall daily from 1 p.m. till 7 p.m.
- online at -
- in over 20 box offices around Lviv -
(age restriction: 7+)
For additional info call: 098 871 0180

Photo and video

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