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19 May 2019, Sunday 21:00

When music comes to life on the walls of Organ Hall, when it gets a color and forms. When the image lives, vibrates, changes in rhythms and harmony. Organ and video art is a pleasure for the ears and for the eyes!
The Lviv Organ Hall invites you to dive into the world of bright colors and spectacular sounds of the organ. After the great success of the first "Organ show" show, we will continue to surprise viewers with new visualizations by Albert Vrubel and the immortal classics performed by the organist Nadiya Velychko.
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Nadiya Velychko - organ
Albert Vrubel - video art

P. Fletcher - Holiday Toccata
J. Rheinberger - Passacaglia e-moll
E. Bossi - Scherzo g-moll
D. Johnson - Trumpet tune
L. Lefébure-Wély - Bolero concert
M. Surzyński - Toccata fis-moll
M. Reger - Introduction and Passacaglia
J. Mitchell - Two jazz preludes

Tickets are available:
- at the office of the Organ Hall every day from 13:00 to 19:00
- online at -
- in more than 20 outlets of Lviv -

// age limit: ~ 7 + //

Phone for information: 098 871 0180

Photo and video

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