Volodymyr Koshuba - organ
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Organ lunch. Volodymyr Koshuba

Date and time

18 November 2018, Sunday 14:00

Volodymyr Koshuba graduated the Kyiv Conservatory as a pianist. While studying, he was fascinated by the organ that taught at that time as an elective. He played for some time on an electro organ in the chamber orchestra of the Kyiv State Philharmonic. When the faculty of the organ opened in the conservatory, he became its student at the second time. Having received the organist's diploma in 1981, he became the soloist of the newly opened House of Organ and Chamber Music in Kyiv.Organist actively tours in North and South America, Europe, Asia. Volodymyr Koshuba is the only Ukrainian instrumentalist to perform at the Notre Dame de Paris and the famous music festivals in Salzburg. Having recorded a number of discs in Ukraine, the USA, Switzerland. In 1999, the American Biographical Institute (ABI) include Volodymyr Koshuba to the World catalog of musicians of the new millennium. In 2007 he was elected president of the All-Ukrainian Association of Organists and Organ Makers. Simultaneously teaches organ at the Kyiv Special Music School.

Volodymyr Koshuba - organ

P. Tchaikovsky - March of toys from the ballet "Nutcracker"
P. Tchaikovsky - Andante cantabile from the quartet in D minor
F. Schubert - Military March
F. Liszt - Adagio
F. Liszt - Rákóczi March
Ch. Gounod - "Marche of Marionettes"
K.Sen-Sans - "The Swan"
J. McMaster - Toccata
A. Dvořák - "Largo" from the symphony №9 "From the New World", op.95
V.A. Petralli - "In the style of the march"
T. Albinoni - Adagio g-moll
P. Fletcher - Festival Toccata
V. Meacham - American Patrol March
N. Rawsthorne - Hornpipe Humoresque

Duration: 1 h. 10 min

Tickets are available:
- in the box office of Organ Hall daily from 1 p.m. till 7 p.m.

- online at Gastroli.ua - https://gastroli.ua/places/235
- in over 20 box offices around Lviv - https://gastroli.ua/network

(age restriction: 7+)
For additional info call: 098 871 0180

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