Activity 01Concert

Opera Gala

Date and time

02 February 2019, Saturday 18:00

Christmas is a joyful time; it is time of mercy, kindness and forgiveness; it is time
when our homes are filled with the aroma of a fir tree and delicious pastry and you can
enjoy the carols singing outside. It is the feast of warmth and family coziness. These may
be the only days among the few others in the year when people, as if by the silent consent,
willingly open their hearts to each other and send out love and eagerness to take care of
each other.
During this time Ukrainians sing traditional kolyadky and schedrivky wishing
prosperity to the hosts and their families. Winter is slowly getting back giving way to the
spring sun.
After joyful celebration we should give a great farewell to the feasts so that they
come back next year and our concert is a symbolic closure of the Christmas and New Year
holiday cycle.
The outstanding soloists Nataliya Stepanyak and Nazar Tatsyshyn, INSO-Lviv
Orchestra, HOMIN Lviv Municipal Choir and conductor Yaroslav Shemet cordially invite
you to share this evening with us and enjoy the Ukrainian kolyada, Italian opera and
Viennese operetta.
From “Romeo and Juliette” in the version by an Italian composer Bellini and
humorous “L'elisir d'amore” by Donizetti to Lehár’s “Die lustige Witwe” and Strauss’
“Wiener Blut” – the performers chose the brightest moments from each opera and operetta
and built an exclusive program. The second part of the concert will feature modern
interpretations of ancient kolyada and schedrivky by the composers Hanna Havrylets,
Viktor Hrytsyshyn and Ivan Nebesnyy allowing the audience to hear the authentic music in
a new way.
Solemnity of kolyada and the echo of winter holidays will grant us festive mood and

high spirits. The new cycle begins bringing new hopes for the best in our lives. The one
who starts any endeavour with clear and bright thoughts will always gain success! Let us
remember about it!
Come to the Lviv Philharmonic Hall together with your dear and beloved ones and let
your hearts be filled with music of joy, love and spiritual unity.