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Olexander Isakov. Organ (LTU)

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06 December 2018, Thursday 19:00

Olexandr Isakov was born and raised in Belarus, studied in Poland, and since 1999 lives in Lithuania. He trained in the Netherlands, in a class of a well-known organist, Jacques van Oortmerssen, and took workshops in the Swiss meter Guy Bovet, whose works are often played in the Lviv Organ Hall.
Olexandr Isakov is the winner of organist contests in Finland, Serbia, Germany. Gives solo concertos of organ music and participates in international festivals in Europe.
In December, Olexandr Isakov will give two unforgettable concerts in the Lviv Organ Hall. On December 6, in addition to the immortal works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Louis Vierne and Cesar Franck, he will perform the music of the Baltic composers (Naujalis, Kutavicius) and the works of his teacher, outstanding organist Oleg Yanchenko.

Olexandr Isakov - organ

J.S. Bach - Prelude and Fugue e-moll, BWV 548
O. Yanchenko - “Speyerer Dom”
C. Franck - Chorale No 3 a a-moll
J. Naujalis - Prayer
B. Kutavicius - Sonata for the organ "Ad Patres"
A. Kettmann - The Gospel of Matthew: "Taking Detention, Judgment and the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ"
Cr. W. Deckmann - Nocturne "The Song of the Sun"
L. Vierne - Toccata in b-flat minor
L. Vierne - Westminster Bells

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