Organ Concert by Nadiya Velychko
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North German baroque

Date and time

16 September 2018, Sunday 19:00

The pearls from the music of the North German organ school will play on a Sunday concert Nadiya Velychko.The Netherlands, Jan Sweelinck, was the first to apply the variation principles for the processing of chorales, which was then brought to perfection by Bach. Sweelinck was a teacher of Samuel Scheidt, who laid the foundations of the North German organ school.
German composer Jakob Pretorius was one of the main organizers and teachers of the organ in the northern German tradition before the Bach. Three of his preludes to this day show a variety of styles and techniques that will become prominent for this genre in the future.Heinrich Scheidemann is one of the favorite students of Jan Sweelinck. He was the most famous organist and organ master of Hamburg. He studied another hero of the concert - Johann Adam Reincken, whose melodies used in his writings Bach. According to legend, after listening to the improvisation of the young Johann Sebastian Reinken said "I thought this art has already died, but now I see that it still lives in you."
Dietrich Buxtehude, an outstanding organist and educator, organized evening musical performances that gathered musicians from all over the country. Bach went 400 km on foot to get to such an evening!

Nadiya Velychko - organ

J. Sweelinck - Pavana Hispanica
J. Praetorius - Magnificat Germanice
J. Praetorius - Preambulum
J. Reinken - Two toccatas
H. Scheidemann - Pavana Lachrymae
S. Scheidt - Bergamaska
S. Scheidt - Variations on the theme of Galliard D. Dowland
D. Buxtehude - Toccata fis-moll

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(age restriction: 7+)

For additional info call: 098 871 0180

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