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08 March 2019, Friday 19:00

Their songs undermine the dance floors and affect the souls. They know songs by heart and sing in unison. 
In the life of each artist is important, as success - Slava, and victory - Victoria. Their successes and victories will be shared by Neangli's group along with fans at the autumn concert at the Malevich nightclub.   

The band has everything for this concert: super-hits, nationwide popularity, the first lines in numerous charts and, of course, the immutable vocalists of Slava and Victoria. NeAngeli is the only female group in the Ukrainian show business with unique low voices, the completeness of which best reveals live performances. Each concert is a world-wide show, every song is a cinema with expression and emotional experiences. Here is the tragedy, drama, and comedy. Also, the group is unique in its sincerity, because it is not for nothing that NeAngeli have the secret status "Singing with the heart".

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