Микола Мирошниченко
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Mykola Myroshnychenko piano

Date and time

23 August 2019, Friday 19:00

He is called a reincarnation of Chopin! A 17-year-old pianist, Mykola Myroshnychenko, astonishes with his virtuoso performance and wins prizes at international contests. However, music teachers used to give up on him before: he could move only two fingers out of ten.
Like Chopin, Nicolia (as his parents call him) had serious health problems since childhood. Just like for Chopin, music became both salvation and life itself for the boy.
Mykola Myroshnychenko is the winner of the Grand Prix of the P. Tchaikovsky First All-Ukrainian Classical Music Competition and award winner of all-Ukrainian and international competitions for young pianists. He played with the State Academic Symphony Orchestra and is currently finishing his 2nd year of studies of the Lyatoshynsky Kharkiv Musical College.
The pianist will perform with a solo concert at the Lviv Organ Hall. He will play the works of Chopin, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Strauss, and Mendelssohn.
Technical skill and full immersion into the world created by the composer. Nicolia lives through every second of music with all his heart. Live it too with the young genius from Kharkiv.

Mykola Myroshnychenko — piano

F. Chopin — Waltzes number 2, 6, 7
F. Chopin — Etude No. 2, 12, 23, 24
F. Schubert — Impromptu No.3 Or.90
F. Schubert — Musical Moments Or. 94
S. Rachmaninoff — Etude-painting No. 6, Оr.39 Little Red Riding Hood

S. Rachmaninoff — Musical moment No. 4, E-minor
P. Tchaikovsky — Waltz of flowers
P. Tchaikovsky — Thought
P. Tchaikovsky / M. Pletnev — Concert Suite from the Nutcracker ballet: “March”, “Dance Sugarplum Fairy”, “Tarantella”, “Intermezzo”, “Trepak”, “Chinese Dance”, “Andante maestroso”
F. Liszt — Hungarian rhapsody No. 2, C-sharp minor
N. Rimsky-Korsakov — Flight of the bumblebee
F. Mendelssohn — Rondo-capriciozo
R. Strauss — Schatz-Walzer
S. Rachmaninoff — Variations on the theme of Corelli

Duration: two hours with an intermission

A 17-year-old pianist from Kharkiv Mykola Myroshnychenko has an amazing story.
At birth, the boy suffered a brain hemorrhage. It was a miracle that he was saved from the beyond. Doctors made a very discouraging prognosis. But the love of parents made impossible possible: Nicolas (as he is called at home) not only defeated paralysis, but also learned to play brilliantly on the piano and mastered another dozen musical instruments.
Parents were working on the rehabilitation and training of Nicolas: he was running and doing 1000 squats with his mother before he learned to read, and with his father, he began playing the piano at the age of six to develop fine motor skills. A father who did not have a musical education himself developed a special methodology for teaching his son how to play a piano. Nicolas played for hours, while mastering musical notes. A year later, he surprised everyone at a concert at a musical school he was attending by playing the Sonata G-dur by Beethoven. Nicolia learned to play on old, hollow pianos no one had the heart to throw away. He was able to play on a good instrument only during competitions and the young pianist had over 70 of those already.
His perseverance and hard work are just amazing. A boy who had problems with memory can now remember hundreds of pages of notes from tens of works. According to his father, Nicolia plays 20 notes per second - faster than Chopin (12.9 notes per second) and Czerny (14 notes per second).
To help his son feel the orchestra better, his father gave him the opportunity to play other instruments: violin, cello, guitar, domra, balalaika. Today both Myroshnychenko senior and Myroshnychenko junior are making violins at home.

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