Activity 01Concert

Muse. Pavlo Hunka & Roderick Barand

Date and time

23 June 2019, Sunday 18:00

Art songs by great Ukrainian composers M. Lysenko, V. Barvinsky, Y. Stepovyi, S. Turkewich and M. Volynsky, performed by acclaimed English-Ukrainian bass-baritone, founder of the Ukrainian Art Song Project, Pavlo Hunka and renowned pianist, Roderick Barrand.

  • Pavlo Hunka, bass baritone (United Kingdom - Ukraine)
  • Roderick Barand, piano (United Kingdom)
In the programme :
  • Mykola Lysenko. The Sailboat (poet: Yevhen Hrebinka)
  • Vasyl Barvinsky. An Evening Sigh (poet: Bohdan Lepky)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. Play Those Songs No More! (poet: Maksym Rylsky)
  • Stefania Turkewich. The Spider (poet: Narcyz Lukianowicz)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. Dank And Dark (poet: Spyrydon Cherkasenko)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. Rubies (poet: Mykola Voronyi)
  • Stefania Turkewich. Emigration Elegy (poet: Stepan Maslak)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. Sorrow And Joy (poet: Oleksandr Oles)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. It Is Well To Have Friends Everywhere! (poet: Stepan Rudansky)
  • Myroslav Volynskyj. Song Cycle – ‘Moja Pisnja’ (poet: Oleksandr Oles)
    • My Muse
    • Awaken My Song!
    • How To Express In Words...?
    • The Storm
    • A Gentle Song
    • Not All Sorrows Have Died
    • Play On, Clown!
    • A Dreamless Sleep
    • A Prophet Enraged
    • The Knight Of Beauty
    • My Song Resounds Among The Godless
    • A Song Cries Out
    • The Pitiless
    • Life Passes Like A Dream