Mirror: AMR
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Mirror: AMR

Date and time

19 July 2019, Friday 19:00

What is reality? What's going on around us or our thoughts? The world outside the window or the news feed in our phone? Sometimes it can be challenging to find out what is the truth and what's an illusion. It's hard not to get entangled in this intricate web of worlds. But what is real – the picture or its reflection?
Violinist Petro Titiaiev will present his own version of reality in his "Mirror" piece for violin and organ, performing it together with Nadiya Velychko.

The concert will become a part of the International Organ Festival, which will be held at the Lviv organ hall for the ninth time. From July 14 to August 18, Lviv will turn into the organ capital of Ukraine. The guests will be presented with 15 concerts, outstanding organ players from four countries, master classes and hours of good music!

P. Titiaiev – violin
N. Velychko – organ

J. S. Bach – Sonata for Violin and Organ in B Minor BWV 1014
A. Pärt – "Fratres" for Violin and Organ
M. Einfelde – Sonata for Violin and Organ
P. Titiaiev – "Mirror" for Violin and Organ

Photo and video

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