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Jazz Bez_Drogobych_ 7 December

Elek Istvan Quartet feat. Kriszta Pocsai (HUN)
Pocsai Kriszti – вокал
Elek István – саксофон
Jan Mitoraj – гітара
Molnár Péter – контрабас
Cseh Balázs – барабани

he band of the most advanced jazz performers in Hungary, in which everyone is best in his genre.  A sense of harmony and balance between the sounds of classical jazz motifs, combined with soul guitar elements, Latin music and funk. The quartet debuted a few years ago, which turned out to be a great success for musicians in Hungary and in other countries.
Elek István is the founder of the quartet.  For four decades of his jazz career he was a soloist in many groups.  One of them was Deák Big Band, where he performed concerts around the world (USA, Scandinavia, OAU, Eastern Europe, Japan).
Pocsai Kriszti. Has complete academic education, and in 1998 graduated jazz in the jazz department of the Franz Liszt musical academy. Teaches jazz at art and music schools all around Hungary.  Also, Christie has been conducting various jazz shows for Hungarian radio for 10 years. Pop, jazz, funk – it is her element of vocal sound.

Mark Tokar Group (UKR-POL-USA)
Mark Tokar – vocal, contrabass, bass guitar
Misha Balog – solo saxophone, tenor saxophone, bansuri, percussion
Alexej Artemov – drums
Tomek Gadecki – tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

Mark Tokar is a world-class contrabassist, one of the brightest representatives of the Ukrainian
jazz scene. He was a member of the international project of Ken Vandermark "Resonance". He has
played in Undivided, Five Spot, Four, Varpaj, Yatoku. He is also a leader in international projects of Leo’m’art, Mark Tokar’s Quintet та Avtokar.
Mark Tokar has a wealth of collaborative projects with such world-renowned jazz musicians as Ken
Vandermark, Bobby Few, Perry Robinson, Steve Swell, Michael Zerang, Tim Daisy, Dave Rempis,
Roberta Piket, Fred Frith (USA), Klaus Kugel, Arkadiy Shylkloper  (Germany), Petras Vishniauskas
(Lithuania), Mirchea Tiberian (Romania), Mikolaj Trzaska, Waclaw Zimpel, Piotr Baron (Poland),
Magnus Broo, Per-Ake Holmlander (Sweden), Mark Sanders (Great Britain).
“Mark Tokar is a key figure in the Ukrainian jazz scene” – (USA) “Tokar’s tons of more than lifetime and flawless intonation are avant-garde” – John Vincent Barron, (USA)
Michael Balog – Ukrainian jazz saxophonist, improviser and author of experimental and meditative
music.  A participant of the famous ethno-jazz group ShockolaD, co-author of the project
“ΕΣΧΑΤΟΦΟΝIΑ” and many international collectives.  The author of Radio SKOVORODA.  Teacher
of the School of Modern Music Vedel School.
He played in projects Tequila, Afterlight Project, Uzhgorod Big Band, Triangular Matrix, Michael
Balog Project, New Brain Trio.

Alexey Artemov is a drummer, percussionist, composer.  He has been working in New York for the
last two years as part of the BARK duet, and has produced various theatrical and musical projects.
She collaborates with bands of diverse musical directions: from jazz, avant-garde to rock music
and ambient (“The Brow of Papa”, “RMA Trio”).

Tomek Gadeki is a Polish saxophonist.  Enjoys improvisation when the composition is identical to
the performance and is unique.  Founder of the famous improvisation project Olbrzym i Kurdupel.
He plays with such performers as: MikołajTrzaską, Paulina Owczarek, Rafał Mazur, Contemporary
Noise Sextet, Trio TRC, Lonker See. He writes music to films, collaborates with theaters.

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