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Jazz Bez_Drogobych_6 December

Michał Martyniuk Group feat. Jakub Skowronski (POL)
Michal Martyniuk – Piano
Jakub Skowronski – Tenor sax
Jakub Gudz – Drums                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jakub Mizeracki – Guitar
Bartek Chojnacki – Contrabass

The project’s music combines elements of traditional American jazz with fresh trends in contemporary European music.
Michal Martynyuk was born in Szczecin.  Last 10 years he lived in New Zealand, where he studied jazz and played with famous New Zealand and Australian musicians like: Lewis McCallum, Tama Waipara, Sola Rosa, Batucada Sound Maschine. He is a member of the famous New Zealand saxophonist Nathan Haines.  Has recently performed at the Java Festival in Jakarta.
Yakub Skovrnovsky was born in Poznan.  He studied saxophone at the Musical Academy in Katowice and at the Jazz Institute in Berlin. He has performed with such well-known musicians as: Leszek Możdżer, Eric Vaughn, Daniel Soltis, Fred Longberg Holm, Chord Nation big band,  Big Stan band, Sax Brothers and others. Currently, she is a member of the International Jazzpocalypse project.

Ark Ovrutski New York Quartet feat. Myron Walden (USA)
Ark Ovrutski – contrabass
Myron Walden – sax
Benito Gonzalez – piano
Charles Goold – percussion

Myron Walden is the winner of the Grammy Award, a saxophonist playing on projects by Vinton Marsalis, Roy Hargruv, and Freddie Hubbard. He graduated from the Manhattan School of Music.  In 1993, he won first place at the Charlie Parker Competition, which provided him with performances by Vinton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. Walden began her professional career with Roy Hargrove’s engagement, then performed in “Smalls” with legends like Kurt Rosenwinkel, Eddie Henderson, Kevin Hayes, Stephen Scott, Greg Hutchinson and Eric Harland.  Walden basically played his own original compositions in “Apex Trio” (Macfirson, Brno, Walden) and recorded 4 solo albums.  He was a member of Brian Blade’s ensemble and Octet New Jazz Composers, and also participated in the recording of two Freddy Hubbard records.
Ark Ovrutski is a well-known Ukrainian contrabassist, composer and band leader, now living in New York. He graduated from the University of Rutgers and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois on double bass. Over the past 12 years, Arch Ovruchsky has worked with Curtis Fuller, Gregory Porter, Carmen Landy, Steve Williams, Larry Willis, Jevon Jackson, Steve Sleygall, Jay Dio Volter, Duduk da Fonseca, Patties Higgins, Michiel Borstelp, Sintiy Scott, Jim Rotundi, Donald  Edwards, James Spalding … Together with American jazzmans, he recorded three discs that received high ratings from critics, which is far from all Ukrainian musicians.  Reviews on albums have been published by DownBeat magazine,, The New York City Jazz Record, Cadence and many others.  All albums were featured in the prestigious JazzWeek Chart Jazz, which included the TOP 100.

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