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Jazz Bez 2017_ 10 December

Date and time

10 December 2017, Sunday 19:00

Mateusz Smoczyński Quintet (POL)
Mateusz Smoczyński – violin
Michał Miśkiewicz – percussion
Wojtk Pulcyn – contrabass
Konrad Zemler – guitar
Jan Smoczyński – piano

The virtuoso jazz violinist Mateusz Smoczynski returned to the Polish scene from the USA and recorded with his quintet a new album “Berek”, which will be presented at our festival. The album intertwines the influences of Polish folk melodies, American folk and classical music. And in this program, we will hear Mateusz playing an unusual jazz performance of the baritone violin.
Mateusz Smoczynski is a graduate of Akademii Muzycznej im. Fryderyka Chopina in Warsaw in the class of prof. Andrzej Gębski. He made his debut in 1999 with Jacek Namislovsky’s quintet. With this team he has won many awards. Despite his young age, Mateusz played a lot abroad. He collaborated with the best Polish musicians such as: Zbigniewe Namysłowski, Jarosław Śmietaną, Krzesimir Dębski, Janusz Skowron and others.
For many years, he has played with his younger brother a virtuoso pianist Yan Smochinsky. All other members of the quintet are also well-known Polish jazzmen.

The Necks (AUS)
Chris Abrahams – Piano, Hammond
Lloyd Swanton – contrabass
Tony Buck – 

The world-famous Australian trio, which plays with Nick Cave, Brian Eno, Evan Parker, Swans and other idols of world music. The Necks were created in 1986 in Sydney and during this time they created their original musical language, full of long refined improvisations. Their concerts are always exclusive – they improvise here and now, in this place and for this audience. That is why these musicians have gained world fame. In 2017, The Necks played the Australian tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, released their 19th Unfold album, toured the United States and drove away 3 tours across Europe. At our festival, The Necks celebrate their 30th birthday!

Photo and video

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