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Jazz Bez 2017 _ 6 December

Date and time

06 December 2017, Wednesday 19:00

Mariana Sadovska (born in Lviv, Ukraine) is a German-based Ukrainian actress, singer, musician,
recording artist, and composer.
“Ukrainian Bjork” -this is how Mariana Sadovska is called by her country’s.
In 2009 Mariana Sadovska and her Borderland band opened the Jazz Bez festival, in 2013 she and
a known German percussionist Christian Thome presented the Cut The Cord project.
For her performance at TFF Rudolstadt, in 2013, Mariana Sadovska won the Ruth German World
Music Award.
Several years ago she also joined together with Cologne-based instrumentalist and composer
Christian Thome to start a new duo project “VESNA” (formerly Cut the Cord).
“The Night Is Just Beginning” was premiered in December 2016 at the Ukrainian Museum in New
York and was produced by Yara Arts Group. Vocals, keyboards, electronics: Mariana Sadovska.
Sound design by Stefan Bohne. Artistic collaboration and support of Jörg Ritzenhoff, André Erlen,
Virlana Tkach. Poetry by Serhij Zhadan and Lyuba Yakimchuk.

Alex Maksymiv project (USA-CAN- GBR-DEU)
Phil Donkin – contrabass
Peter Schlamb – vibraphone
Bodek Janke – drums
Alexander Maksymiw – guitar

Alexander Maksymiw − сanadian guitarist of Ukrainian descent.  He was born in Toronto.  During the last 10 years, Maximov has performed and recorded with many well-known performers: Marcus Strickland, Dick Oatts quartet, Michael Vatcher, Stacy Dillard, Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra, Don Thompson, Kelly Jefferson.  He also wrote music for the classical ensemble SOIL.  Alexander comes from the musical family, so from childhood he played cello, piano and sang.  The lessons of playing the guitar were given to him by the world-renowned guitarist Lorne Lofsky.  Alex graduated from Toronto’s Humbert College College jazz program, earning a master’s degree from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he studied under the guidance of such renowned guitarists as Peter Bernstein, Ben Monder and Jesse van Ruller.  In addition, Alexander conducts workshops and workshops.  In 2009 Alex became a member of “JazzClub.Lviv”, for some time he lived in Lviv and played with many musicians of the Lviv jazz environment.  Now Alex concerts the whole world, creates his own projects and acts as an invited musician.
 Phil Donkin is a well-known English bass player.  An active participant in many musical projects.  After graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Theater, his active jazz career began.  He created jazz with Kenny Wheeler, Julian Arguelles, Tim Garland, Stan Sulzmann and Gwilym Simcock, John Abercrombie, Marc Copland, Bill Stewart, Greg Osby, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Chris Speed, Ari Hoenig and many more.  Also played with such jazz legends from England and the United States as Quincy Jones, Roger Kellaway and Eddie Henderson, Ben Monder, Kevin Hays, Adam Rogers, Mark Turner, Seamus Blake, Steve Cardenas, Bruce Barth, Edward Simon.  There are about 50 recordings currently created.
Peter Schlamb is a well-known American vibraphonist.  After graduating from the New School University, “New York City began its musical success with self-affirmation.  Played and recorded music with many musicians.  In particular, with David Binney, Mike Moreno, and Ben van Gelder.  Currently managing the group “Electric Tinks” and is a member of “Ben van Gelder Quintet”.  At the Jazz Bez festival he will play in “Alex Maksymi project”.
Bodek Janke is a world-class German drummer.  Winner of many German and international jazz competitions (“Internationale Drummer Newcomerfestival Aschaffenburg”, “Best European Musicians Contest Beim Drums & Sounds”, “International Bucharest Jazz Competition”).  He worked and played in such projects as “Der Schäl Sick Brass Band”, “WDR Big Band Köln”.  Played with Olivia Trummer, Matthias Schriefl, Maria Palatine, Kristjan Randalu.

Photo and video

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