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Jazz Bez 2017 _ 3 December

Date and time

03 December 2017, Sunday 19:00

Gadt/Chojnacki/Gradziuk Projekt (POL)
Anna Gadt – vocal
Zbigniew Chojnacki – accordion, electronics
Khrystof Gradziuk – percussion

The project will come with the presentation of the new album of Polish jazz vocalist Hanna Gadt under the name “Renaissance”. This album, inspired by Renaissance music and full of free jazz improvisations on religious texts, has already received many positive reviews from musical critics and jazz lovers. To describe their manner of implementation, the term “free renesans” is used. “Modern harmony of dissonance, sonority, a sense of time and space, as well as the original choice and use of tools allow you to shift the Renaissance worldview to the newest musical language,” critics write.
Anna Gadt – (the true name – Anna Stepniewska) – vocalist, teacher, composer who is looking for a balance between word, melody and harmony. In addition to singing in the traditional sense, she is looking for a non-standard sound and new executive techniques. It has 5 disks on its account. Her debut album was nominated for the most prestigious Polish music “Fryderyk”. Anne was a grand prize at the international Jazz Struggle Music Contest, which she presented to Billy Harper. Anna Gadt collaborates with such musicians as: Pavel Mikitin, Nikola Kolodzeychik, RGG Trio, with whom Anna Gadt Quartet forms. Also, Anna is a doctor of jazz vocal and teaches at Jazz Institute in Katowice.
 Krzysztof Gradjuk is a percussionist who is constantly looking for new sound and creates a new color of melodies. The abstraction of the percussion themes, combined with the flexibility of thinking and virtuosity of performance, provides Krzysztof with the glory of the most original percussionists of the contemporary European musical scene.
Zbigniew Hoianatski – accordionist, improviser. Music and sound structure for Zbigniew are free and conditional, most importantly – dialogue and meeting with another person. Freedom in the techniques of sound production, allow him to form his musical language and, of course, to communicate with the listener.

Michał Martyniuk Group feat. Jakub Skowronski (POL)
Michal Martyniuk – Piano
Jakub Skowronski – Tenor sax
Jakub Gudz – Drums                                                                                                                                                                  
Jakub Mizeracki – Guitar
Bartek Chojnacki – Contrabass

The project’s music combines elements of traditional American jazz with fresh trends in contemporary European music.
Michal Martynyuk was born in Szczecin.  Last 10 years he lived in New Zealand, where he studied jazz and played with famous New Zealand and Australian musicians like: Lewis McCallum, Tama Waipara, Sola Rosa, Batucada Sound Maschine. He is a member of the famous New Zealand saxophonist Nathan Haines.  Has recently performed at the Java Festival in Jakarta.
Yakub Skovrnovsky was born in Poznan.  He studied saxophone at the Musical Academy in Katowice and at the Jazz Institute in Berlin. He has performed with such well-known musicians as: Leszek Możdżer, Eric Vaughn, Daniel Soltis, Fred Longberg Holm, Chord Nation big band,  Big Stan band, Sax Brothers and others. Currently, she is a member of the International Jazzpocalypse project.

Photo and video

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