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HoReCaSHOW 2019 - IT

Date and time

З   05 September 2019, Thursday 10:00
До 07 September 2019, Saturday 19:00

   HoReCaSHOW is a forum, the largest professional event of hospitality in Ukraine, covering all key areas for the development of hotel and restaurant business. 

   The HoReCaSHOW thematic division allows you to pay special attention to every audience: restaurants, bars, cafes, street food, all types of hotels and hostels, catering, marketing, HR, design. Each program will fully present new products, trends and successful business decisions; and create targeted and high-quality educational, business and presentation programs for all HoReCa industry professionals. The forum provides the opportunity to work exponentially and efficiently for exhibitors and establish contacts with representatives of its target audience. This is a progressive platform for effective networking, which does not exist in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. 
   Our goal is to enter the top 10 world events of the HoReCa area for hospitality industry professionals. 
   During the event will be: 
   Exhibition Arena. 
    The classic exhibition arena where you will find: the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech equipment, textiles, raw materials, advanced technologies and equipment, all that is needed for the successful multi-year operation of your institution! 
   We carefully select all EXPO participants in order to guarantee the visitors of the HoReCaSHOW exclusively a quality product of the leading Ukrainian and world manufacturers. In addition to classic stands, static and dynamic showcases, you will encounter networking zones as well as master classes and even championships:

     • Ukrainian Rational Chefs Challenge 2019 - team competitions among professional chefs from all over Ukraine. This is a great incentive for the development and self-improvement of the chefs and their teams. The competition that maximizes the talents of young chefs and inspires experienced chefs, because they have something to fight for.
     • Pizza Fest - Open Ukraine Pizza Championship. It is here that a national team of pizza masters is formed that will represent Ukraine at the World Championship in Parma, Italy. The competition will be held in 5 categories: Neapolitan Pizza, Classic Pizza, Individual Freestyle (Acrobatic Pizza), Largest Stretch and Fastest Stretch.
     • Show Kitchen - a place for master classes from leading Ukrainian chefs, where the best of the best will demonstrate professional techniques and share their secrets.
     • Sweet Show - NEW! - A platform for master classes from top-tier confectioners. Mastering the latest technology and modern trends in the confectionery business. In this area, you will be able to obverse all secrets, technology and "News!"!
     • Street Food Arena- A separate direction of the restaurant industry, which lives by its laws and gains popularity in the world, actively «stealing» visitors from traditional restaurants! Highly qualified chefs will demonstrate their skills in this niche. Moreover, you can appreciate their creation right during the event. Taste receptors will thank you and make you anxious for your next opportunity to try their food!.   

Business Arena
. Thousands of people are dreaming of their own institution. In addition, thousands of people do not have the skills, information, and knowledge to get it right. 
   In 2019 we will start with a new unique specialized platform in the field of effective business solutions that will help you either correctly start or customize your existing business! You will have access to a real concentration of intelligence, tools and business ideas through franchise, consulting, financing, risk insurance, automation and IT solutions and even a section of design and architecture. 
   Under the slogan «Arena of the Future », we combine the most important topics from finding the optimal location of the future institution to hiring and staffing issues. It is a real opportunity to be acquainted with the ready-made business decisions, interesting concepts and successful formats of institutions, as well as the opportunity to evaluate their prospects and opportunities. Business Arena - a platform for profitable deals and proven experience. 
   HoReCa Inside. This year HoReCaSHOW makes a complete immersion in the very essence of the most important business issues. 
   A series of full-fledged workshops from the most successful Meters of Ukraine and the world arena awaits you. True live experience of existing restaurateurs, hoteliers and people who have created successful businesses "here and now." In addition, whose reputation does not require confirmation! 
   Each Speaker is the real business storie and practical tools that will help you improve your business. 
   TOP Chef Arena. Warning! It will be hellishly hot! These are master classes from renowned and recognized chefs from around the world. This platform is intended to change the restaurant industry, to influence the local culinary and to allow the chefs to learn how to work as the best chefs of the world arena. Everything depends on the chef in the institution, taste and quality of dishes, coherent work of the whole kitchen, and speed of service of guests. In addition, in the end - the guest's decision, whether to return to this restaurant. That is why the chef is picking up earlier than determined with the room, design and ideas about the future restaurant menu. CHEF - this ARENA is the best investment in you! 
   RestArena A separate hall for restaurateurs devoted to the most up-to-date issues of restaurant topics, as well as a place for fierce discussions, questions and answers and an exchange of views. 
    Within 3 days, Ukrainian restaurateurs, chefs, designers and other restaurant business tops are known. Let us talk about standards, development, trends, promotion and insights of your own business! 
    RestArena - an epicenter of knowledge for beginners and experienced restaurateurs. 
   Hotel Arena. Specialized hall for hoteliers. Listen to practical advices, expert ideas from the prominent specialists in the market of hospitality. At this location, you will meet the leading hoteliers and the first persons of the hospitality industry of Ukraine! All about effective management, hotel management and introduction of the latest motivational programs and training of employees. 
   Learn. Aspire. Achieve it! 
   HR & Marketing Arena. A separate series of genuine workshops relevant to all hospitality establishments. 
   The purpose of the location is the actual case management and business development, through work with personnel, marketing and PR. 
    Without modern marketing and management of people there is no business, therefore this platform will be definitely useful for you! 
    HR Personnel - the most important asset, which affects the entire business. There are seminars by renowned experts in this field on the search, selection and management of personnel, motivation, training and retaining of the team. 
    Marketing - If you do not have the Internet - you do not exist. Get a full download. Be on line! SMM Strategies, SEO, Chat Booth and Context, Storytelling and other topical online tools to ignore which you do not have the right to! Practical advice, world and Ukrainian trends from professionals, gathered in one location - a real gift for marketers and ... executives! 
   Bar Show. 1000 m2 bars, dozens of lectures and master classes from the best bartenders of Ukraine and the world at HoReCaSHOW 2019! 
   Chartered bartenders and ambassadors, owners of large networks and founders of world-famous alcohol brands will tell about new trends and trends. They will also be shared by interesting, both practical and theoretical knowledge. The educational program will be rich and cognitive not only for bartenders, but also for managers and owners of HoReCa facilities. The site will bring together leading barmen, baristas, mixologists, sommelier and brewers of the country. Leading world producers of alcoholic beverages will present their products. The main goal of the event is to develop the bar culture of the country. 
   Trends, secrets, rules and ... of course, tasting! 
   VIP lounge. VIP lounge is a private lounge area for speakers, partners and VIP guests. Quintessence of comfort and useful acquaintances, separate catering and unlimited drinks - all this awaits you on the 4th floor (SKY) on the HoReCaSHOW floor. 
   Chill Zone. Attention! HoReCaSHOW is not a school it is a real show! 
   What about the rest? You need to have time for relaxation and recovery to prevent the brain from boiling from knowledge and practice! In addition, for this you have a separate location and time! 
   The lounge you dive on the way to the Bar Show. Here you will be able to communicate with like-minded people, to taste drinks, to listen to DJs and to have a rest! Yet, buy an invitation to after party! 
   HoReCaSHOW After party. With the advent of the first star (true or not) the DJs start their work, the bars go into non-stop mode, and it is better to forget about driving a car for these 3 days! Fun does not stop when the forum closes. Enjoy food, drinks and entertainment on our after party with VIP guests and speakers. The best cocktails, dynamic music - we will reload your brain, and prepare for the next no less saturated day!

*Access to VIP services:
- Access to 4 th floor, separated VIP location (VIP guests, speakers, Forum organizers,)
- Coffee breaks and lunches at 4 th floor
- Access to VIP-bar.
- Access to VIP-parking
- Access to private elevator to 4 th floor
- Access to comfortable VIP-seat, (1-2 row)
- Separated check-in
- After party 6,7,8 September
* Student – for students are attending classes at the faculties of hotel and restaurant.

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