Органний концерт Олени Мацелюх
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Philip Glass. Heaven and Earth

Date and time

15 June 2019, Saturday 14:00

Composer-minimalist, inspired by Indian music, the author of soundtracks for oscar-winner films It’s all about Philip Glass, one of the most prominent figures of the late XX century. Soloist of the Organ Hall Olena Matselyukh will play the work of a great experimenter and his contemporaries Olivier Messiaen and Hans-Andre Stamm.

Olena Matselukh - organ

F. Glass - Essay N1 from the Volume 1
F. Glass - Opening Piece from Glassworks
F. Glass - Modern Love Waltz
O. Messiaen - "Celestial Meal"
F. Glass - Trilogy Sonata (Dance from Akhnaten, scene III)
H.A. Stramm - Mandala
F. Glass - Metamorphosis
O. Messiaen - "Jesus takes the torment", "God among us" from the cycle "La Nativité"
F. Glass - Mad Rush

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