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13 September 2019, Friday 13:00

We invite you to an unusual exhibition in the Gallery of the Organ Hall! A famous conductor and Professor of the Stanislaw Ludkevich Lviv Musical College, Roman Phylypchuk makes his first appearance on the stage as an artist.

“I turn the most expensive, valuable and unforgettable things in my paintings”, says the artist about his exhibition.

I have learnt to think SPACE that combines sounds into music from Professor Mykola Kolessa and in concert halls. And I have learnt to think TIME formed of lines and colors from Venianim Siper and in art galleries.

The cycle of oil paintings on cardboard presented in the exposition is called Arkhipelah (Archipelago). In the geographical sense, the Arkhipelah (Archipelago) exhibition emphasizes the simultaneous occurrence of IDEA ISLANDS and their integrity in the invisible depths of the human ego.

Ticket is valid for one day

You can purchase tickets:
- at the box office of the Organ Hall (daily from 13:00 to 19:00)
- online at
- in more than 20 box offices in Lviv -
//age restriction: ~7+//

Photo and video

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