Organ Concert by Nadiya Velychko
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French organ music

Date and time

29 September 2018, Saturday 19:00

France has a big sentiment to the organ. Everything began in the 12th century when the Notre Dame Cathedral formed the Organum School - the earliest European polyphonic music. And then there was a magnificent and beautiful baroque with the works by Francois Couperin and Louis Marchand. The technical revolution of the nineteenth century gave France the first symphonic organ. French composers competed in the magnitude and beauty of works written for the "King of Musical Instruments". And in the 20th century, Olivier Messiaen created his own musical language. All these landmarks will be held together with Nadiya Velychko in her organ concert "From Marchand to Messiaen".

Nadiya Velychko - organ

F. Couperin - Fugue, Dialogue
N. de Grigny - Dialogue de flutes
L. Marchand - Basse de Trompette
J. Guilain - Dialogue
G. Corette - Prelude et Fugue
G. Corette - Noel
P. Dandrieu - Noel
A.P.F. Boëly - Adoro te
G. Lascoux - Noel Lorrain
C. Piroye - La Beatitude
T. Dubois - Allyluia
E. Gigout - Menuet, Toccata
S. Franck - Cantabile, Choral a-moll
O. Messiaen - Appearance of the Former Church

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