Органний концерт Олени Мацелюх
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French organ music

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09 June 2019, Sunday 19:00

France developed love for organ from the XII century, when the school of Organum, the very first European polyphonic music, was formed at the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. French composers competed in the magnitude and beauty of works written for the "King of Musical Instruments".
Organist Olena Matselyukh will lead us through the ages, performing the compositions by Franck, Boellmann, Saint-Saens, Alain, Messiaen, Cochereau and Langley.
We invite you to feel the special mood of charming France and its music! Au revoir!

Olena Matselukh - organ

C. Franck - Grand Choeur
L. Boellmann - Gothic Suite
C. Saint-Saens - "Aquarium" from the "Carnival of the Animal"
J. Alain - "Litanies"
O. Messiaen - The Joy and Clarity of the Glorified Bodies
O. Messiaen - “Dieu parmi nous” (“God Among Us”) from the La Nativité du Seigneur (“The Birth of the Saviour”)
B. Kotyuk - "Tet-a-tet"
P. Cochereau - "Symphony Scherzo"
J. Langley - "Suite in memory of J. Frescobaldi":"Fantasy", "Prelude in the style of Kyrie", "Epilogue"

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