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French Organ Music

Date and time

10 February 2018, Saturday 18:00

Set of two mini-concerts by Organ Hall soloists.
Olena Matseliukh, Nadiia Velychko - organ

France has got long-time sentiments to the organ. It started in XXII century, when School of Organum started at Notre-Dame - early European multivoiced works. After that was Baroque with its stunning and clear music of Clicquot and XIX century technical revolution, when Cavaillé-Coll built first organ symphonies. French composers competed in the magnitude and beauty of works, created for the “King of musical instruments”.
Organists Nadiia Velychko and Olena Matseliukh will guide you through this age.
We invite you to feel France and its music! Au revoir!
Only two concerts 10.02 and 22.02 in Lviv Organ Hall.

Olena Matseliukh
C. Franck - Grand Chor
L. Boëllmann - Gothic Suite
C. Saint-Saëns - Aquarium from “Animal Сarnaval”
F. Dubois - Toccata
O. Messiaen - Les corps glorieux «Glorious bodies»
H.F.Langlé- “Epilogue im memory of G. Frescobaldi”:
“Fantasia”, “Prelude Kyrie style”, “Epilogue”

Nadiia Velychko
L. Couperin - Bells of Paris, Fantasia
A. Raison - Offertory of 5 tone
F. Couperin - Offertory from Monastery Mess
J. A. Guilain - Suite of the third tone
L. Clérambault - Suite of the first tone
C. Balbastre - Prelude and fugue, Cannonade

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Age restriction +7