Органні концерти Олени Мацелюх
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French organ music

Date and time

28 August 2020, Friday 19:00

Narrow streets, cozy cafés, majestic architecture, the aroma of fresh croissants, carefree conversations and music in the air. This charming atmosphere is what's so alluring about romantic France. And the art of this country has always been distinct due to its unique charm. French music enchants with its aristocracy and elegance, as well as with its exquisiteness and open-mindedness. French artists have always put beauty first. A for the organ, French people have always been especially fond of it. The organist Olena Matselyukh will present the guests with the best works for the organ from French composers and perform the music of  César Franck, Léon Boëllmann, Camille Saint-Saëns,  Olivier Messiaen, Alexandre Guilmant and Pierre Cochereau. We invite you to feel this French atmosphere with us!
Olena Matselyukh - organ
C. Franck - Grand Choeur
L. Boëllmann - Gothic Suite
С. Saint-Saëns - "Aquarium" from the "Carnival of the Animal"
J. Alain - "Litanies"
O. Messiaen - "The Joy and Clarity of the Glorified Bodies"
A. Guilmant - Sonata №1, part 3 - Toccata
 B. Kotyuk - "Tet-a-tet"
P. Cochereau - "Symphony Scherzo"
J. Langlais - "Suite in memory of G. Frescobaldi": "Fantasy", "Prelude in the style of Kyrie", "Epilogue"
Duration: over an hour

Please note that due to the quarantine rules, the number of tickets is limited. Please use masks!
About quarantine restrictions and more:
Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers # 392 of May 20, 2020 (as amended on July 8, 2020) - on reliefs in the field of culture
Protocol # 30 of the Regional Commission for Emergency Situations - "Activities of cultural institutions with a capacity of more than 50% of stationary seats and / or more than one person per 5 sq.m."
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