Organ Concert by Nadiya Velychko
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French Organ Music

Date and time

15 December 2018, Saturday 15:00

French organ music is something incredible! A magnificent and beautiful baroque with the works by Francois Couperin and Louis Marchand. Unique style of the works of court organists Michel Corrette and Jean-François Dandrieu, Alexander Boëly. And how about nineteenth-century masters Eugene Gigout  or Theodore Dubois? Well, let's finish our lunch at the master of the twentieth century, Olivier Messiaen, who created his own musical language.

Nadiya Velychko - organ

F. Couperin - Fugue, Dialogue
N. de Grigny - Dialogue de flutes
L. Marchand - Basse de Trompette
J. Guilain - Dialogue
G. Corette - Prelude et Fugue
G. Corette - Noel
P. Dandrieu - Noel
A.P.F. Boëly - Adoro te
G. Lascoux - Noel Lorrain
C. Piroye - La Beatitude
T. Dubois - Allyluia
E. Gigout - Menuet, Toccata
S. Franck - Cantabile, Choral a-moll
O. Messiaen - Appearance of the Former Church

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(age restriction: 7+)

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