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Event Industry Forum 2020

Date and time

20 February 2020, Thursday 12:00

The Third International Event Industry Forum will be held in Lviv, February 20-22, 2020.
For the third time, the event will bring together leading experts from around the world to discuss the topical issues facing the global event market today.
Event Industry Forum 2020 is the manifesto of the event manager concerning the constant progress and rapid movement of the industry into the future, striving for the civilized relationships and modern change for each of its representatives.
Human values and qualities should become the basis for the development of the modern event market, whose participants strive for fair and transparent competition through creativity as well as a high level of service.
Nowadays, our industry is on the verge of moving to a new stage of its evolution. By changing our values and playing by the rules of the modern civilized market, each of us will make an invaluable contribution to the formation of a renewed event industry of the future. We will hear from each event manager how he/she sees the next step of powerful development of: quality of services, adjustment of operating processes, “greening” of relations between market players, transparency in tenders and orders, payment and tax procedures, changes in special laws and rules, as well as state assistance to our industry. And most importantly - the identification of the event as an indispensable product for both people and business.
This year, great attention will also be paid to the customers of event services. Event market operators should carefully study the needs of the consumers, listen to all their comments related to the quality of services in our market, and immediately make changes and improvements to their work.

Change industry – create industry!
Event Industry Forum 2020.
Expected number of participants: 1500.

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