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Estas Tonne | Эстас Тонне

Date and time

18 April 2019, Thursday 19:00

Whatever our individual speeds are, every consciousness is imminently deep-ening its integration into infinite and indivisible space of the Universe. The further we go along this path, the more clearly the interconnections within the entire Creation are seen, the more obvious the illusory nature of boundaries that break both beauty and integrity of this perpetually emerging world becomes. 

Since the very Antiquity, music has served as one of the most powerful tools of human consciousness’ integration. In an effort to feel like a part of this huge and endless world through the music we decided to get together in Spring-2019 in those countries and cities where Estas Tonne’ concerts within the correspondingly named tour will take place.

They will complete the 4-years period of alternating autumn-spring concert rounds, which is supposed to be followed by a necessary break. Any accumulated experience, both individual and collective, requires making a stop so that all the memories and impressions of a long way could integrate into us. Taking root deep inside, they expand the inner boundaries, accelerating, thereby, the external integration cycle. 
Thus, at the end of the tour, we will not say goodbye. Any pause is just a step on the road... the road that leads towards the further meetings…

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