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Eco Bach

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22 October 2019, Tuesday 19:00

October 22, 7 P.M. Eco-Bach
What do Bach and ecology have in common? Pianist Tetyana Kushniruk found much more in Bach's music than what the traditional classical style of interpretation can offer. Her performance at the Organ Hall will be part of the Meditation Bach Pianistess audiovisual eco-project.
The music of Johann Sebastian Bach is usually considered structurally, melodically, harmoniously, and technically complex. After decades of international exploration and performance of Bach's work, Tetyana has taken this music to a new level.
"Of course, Bach's music requires a certain technical level, but for me Bach represents stories and feelings. It can all easily be sidelined when one of the main goals of the performance is a seamless pursuit of classical traditions. For example, the same machine-like rhythm, the pace of the Baroque era or — my favorite — attempts to play Bach on the piano as if it were a harpsichord", —Tetyana says.
"When I was able to harmoniously synthesize my personal mix of technique, thoughts, sensations and feelings, and by choosing the classic rules to my liking and leaving the ones that didn't fit me, I found the world of Bach's music I never knew existed. It's a world where you can live in your own rhythm, which is alive, rather than a machine-like one. You can enjoy luxurious harmonies and melodies, a fantastic grand piano resonance with appropriate acoustics, and constantly have the feeling that we can all understand and experience this music, whether we have a classical music education or not."
Pianist Tetyana Kushniruk , a native of Lviv, studied piano playing in four countries. She received her undergraduate degree in Ukraine, continued in the United States and Bulgaria, and in 2012 received her Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance from the University of the Arts in Oulu, Finland. During her studies, she has participated in many courses and workshops, including those given by world-class masters of piano and vocals (Konstantin Bogino, Paawali Yumpanen, Soile Isokoski, Ilmo Ranta). Tetyana mainly performs in ensembles with vocalists (including performances in competitions) and regularly performs solo programs. Her repertoire includes both classical works and her own compositions and arrangements in classic, rock, pop genres and their combinations. Teaching piano to different levels and styles has also become part of Tetyana's musical life, with 12 students currently enrolled.
Tetyana Kushniruk — piano

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