Схід/Захід. Музика Вівальді та композиторів Китаю
Activity 01Concert


Date and time

18 February 2019, Monday 19:00

Lviv Organ Hall will host guests from distant China. In the first department of the concert vocalist Wei Jun accompanied by a pianist from Lviv Dmytro Mykytyn will perform traditional Chinese songs and works by composers who have never been seen before. In the second department the Ukrainian Festival Orchestra under the conducting of Wei Zhong will play the legendary cycle by  Antonio Vivaldi "Four Seasons".
East and West, chamber and symphony, traditions and high skill - all in one concert.

Wei Jun - vocal (China)
Dmytro Mykytyn - piano
Ukrainian Festival Orchestra
Wei Zhong - conductor (China)

Xiao Youmei, Yi Weizhai  - “Ask”  
Xia Zhiqiu, Dai Tiandao - “Homesick Song”
Wei Weizhang - “Missing hometown”
Shi Wanchun, Li Xi'an - “A Dream”
Shi Guangnan, Ren Zhiping's - “Passionate land”
Liu Cong, Du Zhixue - “Missing hometown”
Gu Jianfen, Xiaoguang - “That is me”
Zhuliang Town, Shijing - “Returning Starlight”
New territory folk song, Arrang: Xie Gongcheng - “Waiting for you to dawn”
New territory folk melody, Xi Tong - “Qu Mandi”

A.Vivaldi - Four Seasons