Colluvio Chamber Music Academy.
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Colluvio Chamber Music Academy

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17 August 2019, Saturday 17:00

Since 2001 annual auditions for between 9 and 11 promising young musicians from all over Europe have been held for the colluvio Chamber Music Academy. Master Classes are held in Gut Hornegg, Styria, Austria, followed by an international concert tour that encompasses venues in the home countries of the participants.
The speciality of this meeting of differing cultural spheres is that the young musicians first get to know each other in Gut Hornegg, have never played together and then, within 10 days, are in a position to give live performances of ambitious chamber music works. Two factors enable them to do so: their high musical level plus the special "colluvio Method".

Victor Dai (21), piano, Australia, Royal College of Music London (Professors: Andrew Ball and Danny Driver)
David Horvat (21), violin, Serbia, Royal College of Music London (Professor: Natasha Boyarski)
Pavle Popović (21), cello, Serbia, Conservatoire of Belgrade (Professor: Srđan Sretenović)
András Moldoványi (23), piano, Hungary, Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest (Prof.: A. Kemenes and I. Hargitai)
Coco Inman (21), violin, Great Britain, Royal College of Music London (Professor: Jan Repko)
Samuel Ng (20), cello, Malaysia, Royal College of Music London (Professors: Raphael Wallfisch & Hélène Dautry)
Anastasiya Sharina (25), piano, Ukraine, National Academy for Music Kiev (further Professor: Yuri Kot)
Assia Weissmann (22), 1st violin, Russia, University of Music Karlsruhe (Professor: Josef Rissin)
Sofia Kolupov (22), 2nd violin, Ukraine, Royal College of Music London (Professor: Maciej Rakowski)
Kinga Wojdalska (21), viola, Poland, Royal College of Music London (Professor: Nathan Braude)
Lucija Mušac (19), cello, Croatia, Music School of Split (Professor: Hillary Karuza)

Yuri Kot (Ukraine) Professor for piano at the National Music Academy Kiev
Olivera Milić-Hirscher (Serbia) Professor for violin, Special School for Talented Young Musicians, Ćuprija, Serbia
Meinhard Holler (Austria) Private cello professor in Munich, Germany
Days 9 & 10
Claus Christian Schuster (from 1984 to 1993 pianist in the Vienna Schubert Trio, and later until 2012 in the Altenberg Trio Vienna) will work with the young artists and round off their performance.

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: 2nd Trio, C Minor, op. 66
1. Allegro energico e con fuoco – 2. Andante espressivo –
3. Scherzo (Molto allegro quasi presto) – 4. Finale (Allegro appassionato)

Robert Schumann: 3rd Trio G Minor, op. 110
1. Bewegt, doch nicht zu rasch – 2. Ziemlich langsam 3. Rasch – 4. Kräftig, mit Humor

Mieczysław Weinberg: Piano Quintet op. 18 (1944)
1. Moderato con moto – 2. Allegretto – 3. Presto – 4. Largo – 5. Allegro agitato

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