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Chanson, organ and other bliss

Date and time

04 November 2018, Sunday 19:00

Lyrical madrigals and spiritual music of modern times, French chanson and modern art folk music of different nations and, ultimately, organ-choral interludes. The fierce contrast and the desire to combine historical melodies from all over Europe in one musical event will give you extraordinary emotions!

Collegium Musicum Ensemble
Victor Pylypyshyn - conductor
Svitlana Pozdnysheva - organ

K. Stetsenko – Cherubimian No 4
K. Szymanowski – “Piesni Kurpiowskie”:
                                   1. “Niech Jezus Chrystus”
                                   2. “A chtoz tam puka”
                                   3. “Wyrzundzaj”
C. Monteverdi – “Cor Mio, Non Mori?”
C. Monteverdi – “Volgea L'Anima Mia Soavemente”
C. Gesualdo – "Io parto" e non più dissi”
G. Ligeti –“Magany”
L. Moore – “When I have a Fears”
J. Brahms – “Geistliches Lied” (organ+choir)
C. Franck – “Quare” (organ+choir)
A. Part – “The Beatitudes” (organ+choir)
A. Part – “Summa”
M. Ravel – “Trois chansons”
                          1. Nicolette
                          2. Trois beaux oiseaux du paradis
                          3. Ronde

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(age restriction: 7+)
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