Органний концерт Олени Мацелюх
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Christmas Bells. Organ

Date and time

13 January 2019, Sunday 19:00

Bells, bells, bells ... Their melodic singing is a special attribute of Christmas and holidays! In the performance of Olena Matselyukh, there will be performed virtuosic organ pieces in which the composers "taught" the organ to sing as hundreds of Christmas bells to all voices.

Olena Matselyukh - organ

Cr. Pardini - "Amazing Grace"
Jan Podbielski - Toccata "Bells"
W. Byrd - Toccata "Bells"
O. Messiaen - Toccata “Dieu Parmi Nous”
F. Liszt - Prayer
A. Mayi - Toccata "Christmas Bells"
B. Kotyuk - “Tet-a-tet”, “Heaven and Earth”
L. Boellmann - Toccata from "Gothic Suite"
Gr. Macchia - Toccata "Bells of the Bethlehem"
J.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in d-moll

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