Шопен на роялі XIX сторіччя
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Chopin on XIX century piano

Date and time

22 January 2020, Wednesday 19:00

The unique Viennese Schweighofer grand piano made in the end of the XIX century will be heard at the Organ Hall for the first time!
The most beautiful piano music will be played by Serhiy Kovalyov. One can forget all except love and beauty when immersed in lovely miniatures by the great romantic Chopin.
We invite you to be inspired by the spirit of the era that presented the world's finest masterpieces of art. We will travel to the time of refined balls and luxurious salons. Experience the feeling of being a whimsical young lady or an elegant gentlemen.
Serhiy Kovalyov is a young pianist from Kyiv who has already won over the Lviv audience with the "Romantic Piano" and "Chopin. Love. Youth" programs performed in the framework of the Lyudkevych Fest 2019 and the Pinsel. Ukrainian live in Godovitsa project.

Serhiy Kovalyov — piano

F. Chopin — Two Polonaises, op. 26
F. Chopin — Three waltzes, op. 34
F. Chopin — Selected mazurkas
K. Mikuli — Two Polonaises, op. 8

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